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Health Decision Making, to analyse issues related to health economics, health management or health policy through quantitative or qualitative methods to help decision-making.


Health Decision: A new journal is launched


Health Decision has been launched in January 2023.

Aixia Ma, the Co-Editor-in-Chief, wrote the Inaugural Editorial of Health Decision. The topic of this article is “Improving evidence and outcomes in health decision-making in Asia-Pacific”. The editorial board was composed of young experts from the frontline of health science research and health decision-making from China, Singapore, the United States, and Europe. They drive the development of health decision-making in the Asia-Pacific region for the upcoming decades.

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Vol. 1 (2023)
Published: 2023-01-05

Inaugural Editorial

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Health Decision (HD) is an international, open access, and peer-reviewed academic journal published by Scholar Media Publishing, which focus on health economics and health policies. It is the first journal in Asian-Pacific region that serves pharmacoeconomics, health-related research, and health policy articles for decision making. HD will publish the results of the original research target on pharmacoeconomics, health economics and health policy. HD devote to stimulating discussion in academic community and helping regulator improve decision making and manage the field of science and service. The scope of HD scope include but are not limited to below subjects: Pharmacoeconomics; Health technology assessment; Evidence-based medicine; Health measurement; Pharmacoepidemiology; Public health; Clinical pharmacy; Medical Insurance and Drug Policy; Health Policy. The target audiences include: health care decision-makers; clinicians; scholars of pharmacoeconomics, health economics and health policies; and any people who are interested in health decision.

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