Focus and Scope

Developing technically proficient talents is a core concern of today's industrial society. Vocational education and the cultivation of application-oriented talents are not only educational issues but also industrial concerns, affecting multiple aspects such as technological innovation, occupational development, and the economy. This forms the foundation and starting point of our journal.

We focus on cultivating technical skills and application-oriented talents, specifically emphasizing systems of cultivation, models, curricula, concepts, and so on.

Vocational education is a type of education that is most intimately connected to actual productivity. Hence, our journal devotes attention to technology, skills, technological innovation, and the environment that nurtures such innovation.

Technical occupations and the associated developmental issues are the third focus of our journal, with a specific focus on vocational skills, knowledge foundation, qualification requirements, training, and more.

Taking education, technology, and occupation as fundamental elements, our journal delves into their interrelationships, drawing from disciplines and fields such as application-oriented higher education, vocational education, occupational sociology, technology research, history of science and technology, and science and technology policy.