About the Journal

"Vocation, Technology & Education" (VTE, ISSN 3005-2157) is an international, open-access academic journal sponsored by Shenzhen Polytechnic University. VTE is published quarterly in English and delivers high quality, peer-reviewed research. It is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive academic community, advocating for diverse perspectives, and prioritizing innovative ideas.

The development of technical and skilled talent is a key issue in modern society. Vocational education and the promotion of applied talents are not only linked to the education sector, but also to technological innovation, professional development and economic and industrial growth. VTE focuses on vocational and technical education and training at different levels and explores the relationship between modern professions and technology and their impact on education systems, concepts and innovation. Our aim is to strike a balance between practical research and theoretical innovation, addressing both national and global issues of education, technological advancement and industry-occupation relations.

VTE core areas:
-Education and training of talents: involving training systems, pedagogical models, curricula and their underlying philosophies.
-Technology and skills: technological innovation and its environment.
-Technology and occupation: occupational skills, knowledge bases, qualification requirements and training.