About the Journal

Taking the integration of vocation, technology, and education as its core concept, the journal Vocation, Technology & Education explores the dynamic interplay among these facets while seeking the path for reform and innovation in vocational education.

First, occupation serves as both the starting point and the ultimate goal of vocational education. Our journal focuses on the development trajectories and dynamics of various occupations, explores the demands of enterprises and markets for professional talents, and investigates how vocational education can cultivate talents capable of meeting these demands. In doing so, the occupation has become a crucial force driving the reform and innovation of education.

Second, technology acts as a vital tool and medium for vocational education. Advancements in technology have led to shifts in professional development and have placed new requirements for education. Our journal emphasizes the impacts of technology on occupations and education and their potential to enhance the effectiveness and quality of vocational education. In this process, technology is not only a subject matter for vocational skills training but also a key component in optimizing the educational process and boosting education efficiency.

Lastly, education constitutes the foundation and heart of vocational education. The quality of education directly influences the quality of professional talents and socioeconomic growth. Our journal focuses on innovating educational principles, strategies, and methods; further, it investigates how to nurture talents equipped with professional skills and qualities via education. Throughout this process, education must align with occupational demands while guiding the application of technology.

In summary, vocation, technology, and education constitute a dynamic and mutually influencing and promoting relationship in Journal Vocation, Technology & Education , together driving the development and innovation of vocational education. We hope to offer valuable insights and recommendations for educators, researchers, and policymakers worldwide by delving into these relationships.

This journal’s academic background covers multiple fields, including vocational pedagogy, higher education, vocational sociology, and educational technology.

Vocational pedagogy: As the journal's academic core, vocational pedagogy emphasizes its significance in theoretical and practical domains. The journal focuses on global trends in vocational education and examines effective methods for cultivating technical talents and enhancing vocational skills within diverse cultural, economic, and social contexts. It strives to pioneer innovations in vocational education and explores best practices concerning training models, curriculum design, educational philosophy, and so on.

Higher education: The journal stresses the cultivation of application-oriented, high-quality talents that align with industry demands, discussing innovations and advancements in educational models, curriculum design, and educational concepts.

Vocational sociology: The journal focuses on the social background, contributing factors, and potential trends of occupational development, aiming to deepen the understanding and promote the development of vocational education.

Educational technology: The journal focuses on technological innovation and the environments fostering such innovation to promote the integration of technology and education and provide theoretical support for technical vocational training.

By focusing on research in these academic fields, we hope that Vocation, Technology & Education can provide in-depth and comprehensive theoretical references for cultivating technically adept talents. Additionally, we aim to promote the evolution of vocational pedagogy through this journal's efforts.