Experts from around the world meet at Shenzhen Polytechnic University for the 2024 International Academic Conference on Vocation, Technology & Education


Shenzhen Polytechnic University (SZPU) hosted the 2024 International Academic Conference on Vocation, Technology & Education from May 18 to 19, 2024. Themed "Trends and Interactions in Vocational, Technical, and Education Development", the event attracted renowned experts and scholars from around the world. The first issue of Vocation, Technology & Education (VTE) (ISSN 3005-2157), China's first English-language journal for vocational education, was also launched at the conference.

The conference marked the first academic event after the journal was founded. It was organized by SZPU and co-hosted by Scholar Media Publishing Company. The event was attended by top Chinese universities as well as esteemed universities and institutions from the US, UK, France, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Türkiye and the Philippines. Streamed online, the conference reached over 80,000 views.


Over two days, 13 keynote speakers delivered presentations on topics such as skills development, technological innovation, professional structures and global trends in vocational and engineering education. The discussions provided new insights and forward-looking strategies for vocational education and training, particularly in the context of artificial intelligence.

The conference also featured a special session on the development of the VTE journal, where experts discussed the journal's goals and strategies and laid out a clear path for its future growth. In the closing remarks, Xu Jianling, the editor-in-chief of VTE journal and president of SZPU, emphasized the journal's commitment to strengthening its team of experts, expanding its international reach and improving its editorial quality. SZPU aims to build a vibrant and inclusive academic community through the VTE journal, contributing significantly to vocational education worldwide.