About the Journal

Engineering Education Review (EER) is currently the first English review journal in the field of engineering education. EER is committed to publish high-quality articles systematically reviewing research progress and achievements, define the education development process, inspire academic innovation, and build a high-level international platform of academic communications for experts and scholars dedicated in the disciplinary field of engineering education worldwide.


EER covers the following topics: engineering science, engineering technology, engineering management and culture education; global trends and frontiers in engineering education; engineering education strategy research; reform and practice of engineering education; comparative analysis of regional engineering education; interdisciplinary engineering education; and other topics related with engineering education. In addition to publishing articles traditionally, EER features to publish articles on soft science research in engineering education.


Review articles published by EER include critical analysis, summary, and evaluation of previous research to expand new perspectives, to guide paradigm shifts in engineering education, and to improve academic discourse and practice systems. Research articles focus on cutting-edge and topical empirical research to advance the theory or practice of engineering education.


EER Mission

To focus on professional development, to display cutting-edge and topical issues, to lead disciplinary innovation, and to promote academic communications


EER Vision

To advance global engineering education by forging an academic community


EER Column:

Key Column:      Editorials, Review

Feature Column:  Strategy & Policy

Others:         Research Articles; Opinions & Perspectives; Letters & Commentaries; Interviews; Forums