PRM: A new journal is launched


PRM is a multi-disciplinary journal covering a wide range of research including molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, bioinformatics, systems biology, biomedical engineering research, clinical medicine, and translational research of placenta that are relevant to clinical practice.

Our journal focuses on the placenta and reproductive medicine, taking the placental developmental abnormalities and dysfunction as the entry point, investigating the mechanisms of ‘placental diseases, such as recurrent pregnancy loss, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia, and preterm birth. The journal also discusses issues related to placenta dysfunction, including basic research, clinical research, and translational medicine.

The specific topics of the journal will include but are not limited to Placenta-Related Pregnancy Complications, Placental and Reproductive Endocrinology, Placental and Reproductive Immunology, Placental Pathology, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Reproductive Disease, Placental Development, Placental Omics, Biomedical Engineering, Translational Research, Male Reproduction, Fetal Membrane, Animal Model, Biomarker, Placenta and Child Health, etc.

The journal welcomes submissions of clinical and basic research articles, reviews, case reports, case studies, case series, commentary, letters to the editor, mini-reviews, opinions, short communication, perspectives, editorials, etc. Articles published by PRM can be accessed and downloaded at:

The Editors-in-Chief are Professor Chong Qiao and Professor Nanbert Zhong. The Editorial Board of PRM has consisted of outstanding experts all over the world.