About the Journal

MedMat is an international and interdisciplinary publication for all aspects of medical materials. The submissions that relate to the fundamental research and clinical application of materials in medicine are encouraged to submit, including areas of diagnosis, therapy, repair, and replace diseased tissues or organs to maintain their function.

  • Scope

The scope of the journal covers the medical materials that have been specifically and functionally designed or engineered in terms of their physical form, physicochemical properties, and biocompatibility for potential medical applications.

  • Target audience and covered topics

The Journal cordially invites submission of medical material in the following categories: (I) cardio-cerebrovascular and interventional materials, (ii) orthopedic materials, (iii) dental materials, (iv) skin and tissue-engineering materials, (v) nanomedicine, and (vi) special surgical instrument materials, which are mainly used to induce regeneration of damaged tissues or organs, implanted devices (including tissue engineering products), sensing devices, targeted controlled release vectors and systems for drugs (vaccines, proteins, genes, etc.) that restore and enhance the normal function of tissues or organs.