Focus and Scope

Led by an outstanding Editorial Board of international experts, this journal aims at promoting education and research related to clinical and health professions. The journal's areas of focus include: education and training issues; health and science policy; institutional policy, management, and values; research practice; and clinical practice in academic settings. The journal publishes guidelines, special reviews, research articles, case reports, short reports, letters from readers, teaching method progress, etc.

  • Target audience

The readership consists primarily of teachers of medicine, medical educators, administrators of faculties or medicine workers and researchers involved in the development of healthcare workers, public health personnel as a whole.

  • Covered disciplines or sub-disciplines

Medical education, nurse education, public health education, healthcare workers’ education, accreditation, continuing education, curricula, education, medical schools, postgraduate education, psychology, teaching, learning, curriculum, primary care, faculty, interprofessional, research, policy, simulation, OSCEs, interview, supervision, clinical, interdisciplinary, teamwork, feedback.

  • Article types

Articles types published by the journal include by not limited to: Commentary, Research Articles, Review Articles (Systematic Reviews, Narrative Reviews, Scoping Reviews, other types of reviews), Innovation Reports, Letter to Editor.