About the Journal

Health Professions Education represents a cornerstone concept that not only encompasses all facets of medical education but also extends across the entire spectrum of educational experiences for medical students, residents, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Amidst the third wave of medical education reform, there's an emerging call for interdisciplinary integration and collaboration to align with contemporary clinical advancements. The mission of Health Professions Education and Research (HPER) is to foster communication and collaboration among healthcare practitioners, educators, administrative staff, related technicians, and graduate students, thereby catalyzing the evolution of health professions education both within China and internationally, and providing valuable research outcomes for the broader healthcare community.

  • Target audience

Our primary readership includes medical educators, administrators, healthcare workers, researchers involved in developing healthcare personnel, and public health professionals.

  • Covered disciplines or sub-disciplines

The scope of our work spans medical education, nursing education, public health education, healthcare workers’ education, accreditation, continuing education, curriculum development, medical schools, postgraduate education, psychology, teaching methodologies, learning strategies, primary care, faculty development, interprofessional collaboration, research, policy, simulation, OSCEs, interviews, supervision, clinical practices, interdisciplinary teamwork, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Article types

The journal welcomes a broad range of article types, including but not limited to: Editorials, Original Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Letters to the Editor, Commentaries, Perspectives, Highlights, and Training Courses.