Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)


AMEE is a worldwide organisation with members in over 90 countries across five continents.  Our community is made up of individuals and organisations from a diverse range of backgrounds that span the health professions educator sector.  Doctors, nurses, teachers, lecturers, dentists, veterinarians, surgeons and many, many more have all joined AMEE to come together with the aim of bettering education in their field and supporting colleagues around the world in achieving excellence.

AMEE promotes that excellence in health professions education internationally at all levels of study, from entry level disciplines to Masters programmes and PhD Research.  Together with other organisations, we support teachers and institutions in their current educational activities while advising them on new developments, advances and methodologies.

We believe in promoting excellence in health professions education internationally by:

Promoting the sharing of information through networking, conferences, publications and online activities

Identifying improvements in traditional approaches and supporting innovation in curriculum planning, teaching and learning, assessment and education management

Encouraging research in the field of health professions education

Promoting the use of evidence-informed education

Setting standards for excellence in healthcare professions education

Acknowledging achievement both at an individual and an institutional level

Recognising the global nature of health professions education

Influencing the continuing development of health professions education through collaboration with relevant national, regional and international bodies.

AMEE is a connector, supporter and information hub for health professions education specialists and professionals, as well as those with an interest in driving the development of the sector forward.  We do this through a number of different channels and activities designed to achieve our mission of excellence in health professions education, as well as to benefit each individual and institution on a professional level.

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