Conference Summary


From April 24 to 26, 2023, The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Academic Integrity and Copyright Committee of Society of China University Journals and the 1st Symposium on Academic Misconduct Cases in Sci-Tech Journals held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The theme is "Lectures on academic integrity of sci-tech journals and discussion on academic misconduct cases". More than 120 representatives from the Society of China University Journals, Academic Integrity and Copyright Committee, and editors and publishers of sci-tech journals attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Academic Integrity and Copyright Working Committee, Wangzhong Chen, chairman of the committee, extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the participants and then introduced the basic information, construction goals, and functional missions of the committee. He expressed that the conference was organized to better serve the academic publishing community and provide a high-quality academic exchange platform, and hoped that the participating experts would actively contribute their ideas and work together to promote academic integrity and publishing, so as to improve the quality of publishing in China's academic journals.

Xin Zhang, vice-president of the Society of China University Journals, pointed out that Publication integrity and ethical construction play an important role in academic publishing. He not only affirmed the achievements of the Academic Integrity and Copyright Working Committee, but also pointed out the direction and made suggestions for the follow-up work of the committee. He expressed his hope that the committee would continue to strengthen its research, make use of fund project declaration and carry out seminars to reserve theoretical foundation and practical experience for the Society of China University Journals in academic integrity and copyright work, and form the advantages of professional research. He also suggested that the committee should recruit talented people to focus on academic integrity and copyright case studies, popularization and education, and build an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international working committee.

In the first part of the academic exchange session, representatives shared their views on several topics, including the construction and practice of sci-tech innovation system of university-affiliated hospitals, ethical issues in publishing arising from open access, the practice of medical research integrity education and services, analysis of academic misconduct from the perspective of the scientometric community, strategies for detecting and handling invisible academic misconduct papers, and so on.

In the second part of the academic exchange session, experts presented on the topics of journals should be a good "gatekeeper" of scientific integrity, publication ethics inspiration from the quality evaluation of clinical research papers in Chinese medical journals, and scientific integrity from the perspective of senior editors. They also analyzed and discussed cases about Scientific Report retraction, academic integrity of graduate students, academic misconduct, academic misconduct paper processing and copyright, and so on.

The conference focused on academic integrity and academic misconduct cases in science and technology journals, aiming to promote academic morality and adhere to research ethics, which is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of academic publishing.