Conference Preview


In order to implement the spirit of Opinions on promoting the prosperity of academic journals, Opinions on further strengthening the construction of scientific research integrity and Opinions on strengthening the ethical governance of sci-tech, promote academic ethics, adhere to scientific research ethics, and promote the high-quality development of academic publishing.


The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Academic Integrity and Copyright Committee of Society of China University Journals and the 1st Symposium on Academic Misconduct Cases in Sci-Tech Journals will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The meeting will start on April 24 and last for three days. The host is the Society of China University Journals.


There will be a multi-perspective academic exchange and discussion about Academic integrity and academic misconduct among editors, senior editors, editorial directors and researchers from journal editorial offices, publishers, and institutions such as the Wanfang data and the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


EP accepts papers from editorial and academic publication conferences and welcomes submissions on academic integrity and copyright.