Focus and Scope

Medical advances in the field of digestive diseases are changing with each passing day. The effects of complementary and alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine (traditional Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture, etc), pharmacodynamic food, health food, spice massage and vitamin therapy in the treatment of digestive diseases are gradually accepted. However, the evidence of these studies is distributed in various journals of gastroenterology.

Gut Microbiota and Integrative Wellness (GMIW) aims to timely publish the latest basic and clinical research on complementary and alternative medicine , food and nutrition, immunology and microbiology related to digestive diseases. Integrate the latest evidence to promote clinical transformation. Research should focus on clinical and transformation contents, including cohort study, clinical trial, epidemiological study, new mechanism and diagnostic study. The journal publishes clinical guidelines, clinical consensus, special reviews, clinical research, basic research, case reports, etc. The topics of the journal include but are not limited to: gastrointestinal, pancreatic, biliary and liver diseases, endoscopy and new diagnosis, functional gastrointestinal diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.

The target audience includes researchers, clinicians, students and all personnel epidemiology, clinical and basic science related to digestive diseases.