About the Journal

Journal of Active Health (English Edition) was created to meet the new situation of health management development at home and abroad. It aims to promote the development of health science and technology in the world. AH unites scholars from all over the world in the field of health management to create a high-end academic platform that links industry, academia, research and application in health management, and fills the gap of English-language journals in this field worldwide. The AH journal will certainly become an innovative and important platform integrating research on health management theory innovation, research on the whole process of health management services, research on health management industry policies, and research on functional medicine and public health services.


About Journal

Journal of Active Health (JAH) is an international, open access, and peer-reviewed academic journal published in an open volume mode, which focuses on the managing practice and research in all field of active health. It is published in an Open Volume model. Articles published by JAH will be accessed and downloaded at : www.jactivehealth.com, without any limitation. The type of articles published by AH include but not limited to: Editorial, Original Article, Reviews, Case Study, Letters to Editor.

ISSN: 2957-5214 (Online)


Distribution : Open Access

Frequency: The journal is published in an Open Volume Mode.

Published by: Scholar Media Publishing