Metabolism and Translational Medicine: A new journal is launched


Metabolism and Translational Medicine, short as MTM, has been launched in May 2023.

MTM is an online open-access journal. It seeks to provide an open innovative international forum for research in clinical and translational metabolism and aims to promote the translation of emerging knowledge and technologies into new methods of metabolic diseases, and bridge the knowledge gaps at the junction of preclinical research and medical applications.

Professor Lemin Zheng from Peking University is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. The Editorial Board consists of outstanding professionals dedicated to the related field from all over the world.

The topic of the Inaugural Editorial is "Metabolism: A rising star in translational medicine". In which, Lemin Zheng summarizes the importance, current situation and prospects of metabolism and introduces the development goals and publishing scopes of the journal. 

MTM will provide a window and communication platform for the majority of medicine-related workers to explore the current situation of translational medicine research in the field of metabolism.