Microbiota & Diseases: A new platform for the emerging science in microbiota


All vertebrates including humans are colonized by a huge number of microbes and microbiota has profound effects on human health and disease such as diet and obesity, aging, tumor, psychiatry, as well as immunity and inflammation. As the metagenomic and metabolomics techniques progress rapidly, microbiota is found to play a more and more important role not only inside the human body but also across the planet. However, current research is still in its infancy and there are many unknowns to explore. How to deep our understanding the complex interplay between the host and microbiota is challenging. Hence, joint efforts are needed and Microbiota & Diseases aims to be a leading platform in this field. We are sure that more and more novel therapeutic and preventive strategies for the disorders related to dysbiosis of the gut microbiota would appear within a 5-year timeframe.

Microbiome Research is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers a wide range of researches regarding in vivo & in vitro microbiota and its clinical significance and commercial use. It mainly reports microbiome related research advances in gastrointestinal tract. Highlighted contents in some system of human body are also welcome. The Journal presents Editorials, Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis, Original Articles, New Techniques, Case Reports, Letters to the Editor,etc.

Clinical, basic and pharmaceutical researchers that interestin all aspects of Microbiome Research, such as Medicine, Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Environmental Science, etc.